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Kamila Stovrag was born in 1999 in Cracow, Poland and currently resides and works in Vienna. She has been studying "Painting" at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow since 2019. She has been an Erasmus exchange at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the Contextual Painting Studio since October 2022. The artist primarily works in painting, sculpting, and drawing. Since 2021, she has focused on a series centered on her original project, "Spirits Planet.

Kamila Stovrag has exhibited her works since 2021, and in 2022, she won the CX Art Competition for young artists.


Selected exhibitions 2022:

• "Kafka - words and faces" (May 20 - June 18) at Stara Łaźnia Gallery in Zawiercie, Poland

• "Non–comfort" (13-20 August) at Subteria Gallery in Cracow, Poland

• "Scheme" (December 3 - 17) at Art Bay Gallery in Cracow, Poland


Selected exhibitions 2022:

• "My hot rollers exploded" (15 – 29 June) at Rostworowski Gallery in Cracow, Poland

• "Spirits Planet' Pavillon" (24 – 26 June) as part of the "Sanatorium Sztuka" Festival organized by Cracow Festival Office, Poland

• "Distorted horizon" (9.07) – performance show as part of the "Ulica" Festival, at the Main Square in Cracow, Poland

• "Fragile home" (22.10 – 23.11) as part of the Open Eyes Art Festival, at Ogiński&Potulicki Palace in Cracow, Poland

• "Matter territories. From the logic of form to stylistic inversions" (19.11.2022 – 31.01.2023) at Culture Center of Silesia, Nakło Śląskie, Poland


Selected exhibitions 2023:

• Rungang Exhibition (19 – 22.01) at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria

• "Most Wanted Female Art Auction" (15.02 – 8.03) at FLOMYCA, Vienna, Austria

• „I have no more power” (22.05– 1.06) Gallery Scena Supernova, Cracow, Poland

• „AKADEMIA GENIUS LOCI” (13 – 26.06) Gallery Pryzmat, Cracow, Poland

• „Parc of Art” (16 – 18.06) in Radziwiłłowski Park, Biała Podlaska, Poland

• “Sketchbook, Study. Creation”, A.K.T. Kunstverein, Amberg, Germany

• „Parallel” (5 – 10.09) Otto Wagner Hospital, Vienna, Austria

• „Blue Horde 3" (14 – 17.09) NUSSDORFERSTRASSE 47, Vienna

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