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Kamila Stovrag - born 1999, 4th year student of Painting in the studio of prof. Witold Stelmachniewicz at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. During 2022/2023 student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the Contextual Painting studio by Despina Stokou. She works mainly in painting and sculpting. Since 2021, she has been creating a series devoted to my original project "Spirits Planet ".

Chosen exhibitions in 2021:

• "Kafka - words and faces" (May 20 - June 18) at the Stara Łaźnia Gallery in Zawiercie

• "Nie-komfort" (13-20 August) at the Subteria Gallery in Cracow.

• "Perturbo" (4 - 8 September) with the "Lokatorzy" collective

• "Martwa Natura" (November 10-30) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow

• "Synestezje" (November 25-28) at the festival "Synestezje" in Cracow

• "Scheme" (December 3 - 17) at the the Art Bay Gallery in Cracow

Chosen exhibitions and achievements in 2022:

• "Możliwość braku" (15 - 29 April) Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice

• "Zakorzenienie" (23 April) at the Start Gallery in Danzig

• "Zaciętość dumy w osamotnieniu" (April 20 - April 29) at the Arteteka WBP in Cracow

• winner of the CX ART competition​

• „Wybuchły mi termoloki” (15 – 29 June) at the Rostworowski Gallery in Cracow

• „Pawilon Planety Duszek” (24 – 26 June) as part of the "Sanatorium Sztuka" Festival organized by Cracow Festival Office

• „Zniekształcony horyzont” (9.07) – performance show as part of the „Ulica” Festival, Cracow

• „Nowy Świat” (9 – 11.09) at the Staromiejskie Centrum Kultury Młodzieży, Cracow

• "Przesilenie" (27 – 30.09), as part of the ARS LATRANS festival, at the Hype Park in Cracow

• „Kruche Pielesze” (22.10 – 23.11) as part of the Open Art, Open Eyes Art Festival, at the Pałac Ogińskich i Potulickich, Piłsudskiego 4 in Cracow