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“Spirits Planet” envisions a world free from war, climate catastrophes, racism, homophobia, and other cruel phenomena. It is a world of kindness, gratitude, and understanding, one that I would like to inhabit. It is populated by a benevolent and sensitive civilization. The planet was created by Mother Creator who empowered Spirits to embrace their true nature and learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. Spirits have a lot of respect towards their land and demonstrate deep gratitude towards the natural world. Their mode of communication is energy- based and their existence flows through space-time. Within their society, all individuals are viewed as equals. My creative process involves attempting to depict the gentle and peaceful qualities of this Planet through painting and sculpting.


My artwork places great emphasis on infusing joyfulness and carefree through the application of vivid and saturated colors. I enjoy experimenting with the medium of oil paint on canvas, and I aim to give each object a distinct character and texture. A key focus within my work is creating the landscape of Spirits Planet, a surreal yet familiar environment. The Spirits themselves are as relevant as their surroundings and always blend with the background in my paintings. They are portrayed with a simplified form, without faces, to allow for inclusivity and encourage entry into their world. I choose to create sculptures at human scale, because I find it relatable for people. I want them to feel connected with Spirits. As with my paintings, I intentionally seek out different textures of paint, similarly I integrate diverse materials into my sculptures, all with the aim to show my appreciation for diversity. In my paintings, I portray female figures, as the topic of feminism is significant to me. Women are still undervalued and underrepresented, particularly in my country, where women’s rights are frequently violated, regarding to the current abortion crisis. I imagine a utopian world that is ruled by and designed for women.


While Spirits Planet brims with positive energy, there exist darker moments that parallel our earthly experiences. The pursuit of balance is my artistic aspiration, and I seek to inspire reflection on this theme through my work.


I draw inspiration from Eastern thought, spiritualism, yoga, and ecology, and I critique the contemporary world by opposing the destructive power of greed, hostility, and ignorance. I incorporate feminist themes and create the figure of the „Mother Creator” as a symbol of women’s power and energy, which is still underappreciated. 

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