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     In my artistic practice, which includes painting, creating objects and drawing, I focus on the topic of alternative worlds and planets. I envision a place that is different from the reality I know where various emotions blend and often reflect the states I find myself in, such as longing for carefreeness, frustration or daydreaming. My works are usually very colorful, which is a result of my love for vivid colors and combining them in non-obvious combinations. Formally, I seek different solutions, merging figurative painting with abstract elements, and placing painterly gestures next to more drawing-oriented ones. I use various materials in my objects.

     The time-spaces that I imagine contain a lot of hope and positive energy, which I seek myself while living in a world that does not always provide it. The undeniable fact that Earth is heading towards destruction is something I cannot ignore. Therefore, I can say that practicing art is therapeutic for me and prevents me from falling apart into tiny particles. When I began creating works in this style, the alternative reality was a shelter for me and served as an escape. After two years of exploration, it also became a neutral space for commenting on the contemporary world – the climate crisis, human greed, and technological progress. The atmosphere of the planet existing in my imagination becomes increasingly mysterious, alchemical and inaccessible to humans. The fear of the future is more real, and beings from a parallel world can no longer ignore the lurking threats on Earth. Their imposing calmness is meant to evoke a sense of strange and unsettling absence in the viewers.

     My works can be interpreted in two ways – as utopian or dystopian, considering topics close to me, such as spirituality, science fiction, and ecology.

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