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     Since I can remember, I have been a dreamer with a lot of imagination, ideas, and empathy. My parents and their personal story have given me a lot of love and sensitivity, which are beautiful traits, but unfortunately, without control, can become unbearable. I believe that this is something that has built my delicate but strong-as-stone personality, and I never give up. For a long time, I couldn’t use this gift properly but with facing new experiences I have finally learned how to do it.

     My first rule in life is to live in harmony with myself and the world around me. love the Earth, art, and animals. I don't want to cause harm to anyone or anything, and I can't forgive when someone hurts on purpose. I believe in energy, karma and that life on Earth is not the only one we can have. I love to listen to what my body tells me and stay in deep touch with it. I am a very positive person but because of the plenty of empathy inside me, sometimes reality is too difficult to accept and can cause a physical pain. My art became a form of escapism, expressing hard feelings and a weapon against what hurts the most. All of it is my fuel. I am inspired mostly by Eastern thought, spiritualism, Sci-Fi and ecology.

     Making art is my biggest passion, full-time job and a way of living. I can’t imagine not having it as my friend. As an artist, I create an alternative planet that I call "Spirits’ Planet." It envisions an impossible utopian world full of kindness and gratitude. Its inhabitants, the Spirits, have a lot of respect for their land and tons of gratitude towards the natural world. They communicate with energy and fly through space-time. Within their society, everyone is equal and appreciated. I try to express this dream about a gentle and peaceful realm through painting, drawing, and sculpting.

     First of all I use my ability to see the colors and feel their power. I create the joyfull and carefree atmosphere of “Spirits’ Planet” based on vivid tones. I use a lot of colors, but I still try to keep them in harmony. I experiment with the texture of oil paint and what character it can give to a particular object. Another thing I focus on in my work is creating the mysterious landscape of “Spirits’ Planet” that is surreal but at the same time familiar. Spirits have a simplified form and no faces, because I believe that everyone can take their form. Their figure is usually female, as I admire how powerful women can be despite still existing gender gaps, prejudices, and difficulties that we face based on years of living in the shadow. It is a way of showing my deep appreciation for this energy, that drives women to fight for the better future. I have also created the figure of the "Mother Creator" as a symbol of women's strength.

     While Spirits' Planet is full of positive energy, there exist darker moments that are parallel to our earthly experiences. Achieving the balance in "Spirits’ Planet" is my goal, and I try to inspire reflection on this theme through my work. In recent months, I have focused on commenting on climate change with the use of Spirits. I imagine how they would react, if they knew, what is happening on earth. I started to mix two realities in my paintings and thanks to this also relieving my suffering caused by observing the climate crisis and dying nature. In the newest paintings I try to capture feelings like fear, anger, and helplessness, which I experience daily, contemplating whether as a civilization we are still capable of preventing our disaster.

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