Spirits Planet

The Spirits Planet has its own rules. The Spirits living on it have no gender and do not feel the need to know who they are. These creatures have very flexible and pliable forms because they flow in their own space-time. They are all equal to each other and equally important. They live happily and are not traumatized. Spirits were created by Mother Creator, their subconsciousness connects with the experiences of all pre-existing creatures, and therefore Spirits are extremely resistant to all harm. They love themselves and others with great love and it gives them energy. Moreover, Spirits are the smartest creatures to ever walk on any planet. They all have a special emotional and mental relationship between them. They communicate through the energy contained in their volatile form. Their connection with the universe is very deep and unbreakable. There is no suffering, no wars, no hunger, no climate catastrophe on the Spirits Planet. This planet is the safest in the entire universe. Spirits have their invisible roots in clean and unpolluted earth, so they can connect with the power of the universe and communicate with all matter. The great talent of Spirits is the ability to be here and now, the ability to contemplate the moment, admire the breathtaking landscape and contact with nature. Moreover, they can appreciate the world around them. It is the only one they know, therefore they respect it and enjoy every gift of nature.